“Beyond The Cage has rapidly become one of my favorite bands.They are "real"! No smokescreen mechanical gadgetry - no computer generated, non-human, all too perfect software; rather, you get a band that is raw, gifted, and exemplifys the working class rock 'n' roll sound that I feel made rock 'n' roll great!I have tremendous respect for this band's talent as well as their mindset . They are here to give you raw, knock you down rock 'n' roll and they succeed in a big way! If Beyond The Cage is indicative of the rock scene in Toronto - then I'm packing my bags. Great job and rock on my friends!!! ”


- Rick Frost, Reverb Nation

“Infectious, driving, slaying, energetic Kick Ass ROCK----Beyond The Cage delivers Rock 'n Roll like a Rhino coming through the front door!!! What a GREAT Band!!! BTW---how about a North American tour together?? YEAH!!”


- Ashbury

“Definitely beyond any containment apparatus. This band is unleashed and spectacular. Special musicians at work here. Great imaginative songwriting, fine musicianship, and a hip, almost retro super hero like delivery.”


- Richard D. Ruttenberg, composer/film scorer - NYC

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