With combined influences ranging from Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, the members of Beyond the Cage are grateful that their respective muses turned out to be so compatible. The result is a powerful live show delivering hard-driving tunes with rich melodic overtones. A shared sense of what’s truly important in life. A desire to bring into being what should be… Life beyond the cage.


Their current EP, Wide Awake, was produced by Tim Bovaconti and recorded and mixed by James Paul at The Rogue Studio in Toronto and is available now at:





Tracy Brett – lead vocals

Tracy provides the passionate and sexy, hard-edged vocals required to bring original rock to the forefront of new audiences and Beyond the Cage fans. With a stage presence that is nothing less than dynamic and unique, she draws from her performing arts background to take the audience on a powerful emotional journey, while her multi-layered, metaphoric lyrics provide a thought provoking listening experience.


TJ Cage – guitars

Years of playing in various rock bands throughout southern Ontario did more than merely allow TJ to hone his chops as a guitarist. It also produced a highly skilled composer. Taking time out from performance to study live recording engineering provided him with the opportunity to develop a large collection of original compositions, many of which have become the foundation of the band’s current repertoire.


Greg Plant – bass

Landing his first paid gig at age 10 was all the encouragement Greg needed to embark upon a life in music. Since then, he has provided his killer bass lines for many bands, including The Crawlin’ Kingsnakes, Stoked, Virgin Pornstar, Coldsweat and The Strip.

Ilios Steryannis - drums

Since receiving his first full drum kit at age 13, Ilios and the drums have been inseparable. Originally inspired by Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham, he went on to earn a full scholarship to the Banff Centre for the Arts jazz program, followed by a partial scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has played in countless rock and jazz ensembles since then, applying his rich experience and skill to every project in equal measure.

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Photo Credit: Jordy Clarke Photography

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