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The Dead - Beyond the Cage
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Photo Credit: Jordy Clarke Photography

Beyond the Cage


Original Rock For An Awakening World



What is the cage?


The bars of the cage represent everything that divides us, distracts us, keep us from remembering who we really are and realizing our true potential. Emotional and psychological manipulation, the daily grind of debt slavery, information and disinformation overload until we no longer know what to believe. These are only a few of the myriad challenges we endure moment to moment.



How do we get beyond it?


Realizing where you are and what keeps you there. Daring to step out of what you’ve always known and embrace what you’ve always dreamed of. Learning to listen on a deeper level… Every song we write is a key to opening the door – and a chance to rock out with abandon!


This is your call to action.


Be the change.


Live your life Beyond the Cage!

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